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                        Research News
                        Harbin Institute of Technology

                        HIT Holds Working Conference on the Implementation of the "2511" First-Class Disciplines (Groups) Initiative

                        Updated: 2018/03/21

                        Written by: Liu Zhongkui
                        Photograph by: Liu Zhongkui
                        Translated by: Li Xiaojuan
                        Date: Mar. 13th, 2018

                        Demonstrating a commitment to the guidelines regarding work during winter holidays, HIT held a working conference on the implementation of the "2511" First-Class Disciplines (Groups) Construction Program. The focus of the meeting was making arrangements for the implementation of the first-class university initiative. Vice President, Ding Xuemei chaired the meeting and addressed those in attendance. Vice President Ren Nanqi, assistant principal Cao Xibin and Liu Hong also attended the meeting which was held in the administration building.

                        Mrs. Ding pointed out in her speech that the “2511” First-Class Disciplines Program serves as an important reference for the promotion of all tasks in strategic development from 2018 to 2020.  It is also an integral part of “Double First-Class” initiative. All departments of the various disciplines should attach great importance to this work with practicality, diligence and initiative. In doing so they will be able to make significant achievements with real quality and” unveil a vivid picture of benign competition”. In regard to the arrangements and implementation of the program (2018-2020), her suggestions were as follows: 1) All departments of the various disciplines should refer to the objectives set in the First-Class University Construction Scheme and First-Class Discipline (Group) Construction Scheme of HIT. They should make efforts to elevate HIT to become a leading university with top disciplines amongst international universities. They should work hard to consolidate the position of HIT as a “highland of talent fostering higher education throughout the country”. 2) University offerings should be optimized with the cultivation of emerging disciplines, the intra and inter communication of diverse disciplines (groups), the construction of frontier inter-disciplines, innovation in modes of organization and enhanced development mechanisms. 3) By combining leadership and intellectual resources, all departments should strive for the implementation of the Construction Program (2018-2020), being careful, even in the details. They should strengthen the performance assessment system for the development of the various disciplines.  The goal is to contribute to the development of HIT as an excellent university which has marched forward for a century with the objective of "Chinese Characteristics, World-Class, HIT Standard".

                        The attendees put forward their suggestions on the arrangements and implementation of the Construction Program (2018-2020).

                        The heads of the "2511" First-Class Disciplines Project, deans of relevant departments, deputy deans of the departments and principals of first-level disciplines attended the conference.


                        Photo of the Conference


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                        Professor Leng Jinsong chosen as an Academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

                        HIT Leads in Progress in the Field of “Super-Wetting” Materials

                        Prof. Xie Hui’s HIT Research Group Makes Great Progress in Nanomechanical Measurement Imaging

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                        Professor Shao Lu’s Team from HIT’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Makes Significant Achievements in Ultrafast Molecular Separation Membranes Research

                        Hu Ying’s Research Group from HIT’s School of Life Science and Technology Makes Great Progress in the Study on the Regulation of Oxidative Stress on Tumor Cells

                        Professors Zhang Guangyu and Li Longqiu from HIT Mechatronics Engineering School achieve new progress in Magnetic Micro-vehicles

                        Vice Professor Li Baoqiang of School of Material Science and Engineering Made Significant Progress in Real-Time Noninvasive Visualized Monitoring of Degradation of Biomaterials Based on Nano Carbon Dots

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