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                        Research News
                        Harbin Institute of Technology

                        Prof. Aijie Wang Elected as Chair of the New International Water Association Anaerobic Experts Group

                        Updated: 2018/04/16

                        Written by Ke Xiao
                        Translated by Siyuan An
                        Edited by: D. Parker
                        Date: April 13th

                        Recently the Anaerobic Experts Group of the International Water Association elected a new management committee.  This committee is composed of 19 experts from around the world. Professor Aijie Wang from HIT’s School of Environmental Studies was elected Chairman of the Management Committee becoming the first Chinese scholar to hold this position since the establishment of the organization.  In addition, HIT Prof. Defeng Xing was elected as a member of the Management Committee and the sole representative of the East Asian region.

                        The anaerobic experts group is one of the most active professional committees within the International Water Association.  In 2013, the International Association of Water Quality Analytical Subcommittee, China Branch was established at our university. Nanqi Ren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was elected as the first chairman.  Over the years HIT’s School of Environmental Studies has been at the forefront of anaerobic technology research. It has pioneered ethanol-based hydrogen production fermentation technology and theory, simultaneous removal and recycling of carbon-nitrogen-sulfur in wastewater, microbial electrochemical technology and theory, and refractory degradation. The research and engineering applications of these organic wastewater biological treatment technologies and theories have led to series of landmark achievements with international influence.

                        Prof. Aijie Wang is a distinguished professor of the Yangtze River Scholar Award Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education. She is a member of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists, and an IWA Fellow. She has been engaged in water pollution control theory and resource research led by anaerobic technology for many years.

                        Prof. Defeng Xing was chosen as part of the first group of young talents from the Central Organization Department.  He is a winner of the National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, and winner of the Young Scientist Award from the Ministry of Education. He has been engaged in wastewater treatment and energy technology research since the onset of his career.

                        Editor: Yankai Shang


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